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The Urban Studio

Gloriously Moody Vibes

Are you someone who gets excited by moody images, and longs for an indoor location that can make your photo dreams come true?

Then the Urban studio is perfect for you. There are 3 major moods in this studio that will get your creative juices flowing and help you create those moody vibes you are going for. The Urban Studio has a unique asymmetrical vintage book wall paired with our gold kidney bean couch, and Knox rug. It also has a greenery wall perfect to fulfill all your sprint and summer vibes all year round.

The Urban Studio is over 800 square feet and comes standard with 2 Godox SKii Studio lights, black apple boxes and a black stool.

Studio Amenities

Natural brick

Standard V-flats

(available upon request)

Heated Studio

Studio Lighting

800 Sq. feet

Included set-ups for May:
  • Book wall
  • Greenery wall
  • Parking (2 spots)
  • Community kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Standard chairs and stools
  • Apple boxes
Studio Exclusions

Please note, the following are not allowed in the studios:

  • Pets
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Alcohol

Please contact us if you require more than 12 people in studios as occupancy may vary depending on capacity restrictions.

The limit to the studio spaces is due to the occupancy availability for the whole third floor, including the common halls, which is why we have set the limit of 12 people per studio and ask for larger gatherings to contact the studio as sometimes not all bookings require 12 people. This means we may be able to shuffle things around to accommodate your gathering requests.

Our Rates

Studio Pricing

Security Deposit: $100 | Cleaning Fee: $50

All studios require a refundable security deposit taken at the time of check-in, as well as a refundable studio cleaning fee per visit depending on the condition the room is left. If the studio is not left in the condition it was given to you, please feel free to request our mops and brooms if things got a little messier than you expected. Others will be renting the space after your session, so please be considerate.

All studio bookings are priced hourly, and are based on the number of hours booked:

0 – 1 Hours: $82.50/hr
2 – 4 Hours: $66/hr
5 – 6 Hours: $60.50/hr
7 – 8 Hours: $55/hr
9 Hours: $47/hr
10 – 12 Hours: $45/hr

*Custom rates may be available if you are scheduling a multi-day session, training session, meeting or other event.

Spice up your shoot

Check out our add-ons

Our props are available to rent, in the studio of your choice.

Styled Bundles

From Boho to Christmas, Cabin In The Woods to Cozy Home, our styled bundles will do much more than style your photos.

Canvas Backdrops

From Boho to Christmas, Cabin In The Woods to Cozy Home, our styled bundles will do much more than style your photos.

Individual Add-ons

Choose from chairs, bedroom pieces, baskets, lightning and more with our individual add-ons.

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