Canvas & Paper

Canvas Backdrops

We are so excited to announce our partnership with designer Yemmy. These stunning handcrafted backdrops make their way to us from Nigeria. They are hand painted and crafted by Studio Teibo. Price includes set up, tear down and the backdrop. Please note each studio has its own set of stools.

Length: 12ft
Width: 5.5ft
Full floor length.

The backdrops must be booked by email.

$35 Flat fee
This is a FLAT FEE that will be for the duration of your session.
How to book props by email:

Let your imagination run wild with the vast variety of props and bundles that we have. To reserve an item please send us a message with the name of your preferred item or (items) along with your studio date and time and we will reach out to confirm if the prop is available.

If a backdrop is required, please make a booking at least 48 hours prior to your shoot.

Paper Backdrops

There are Four paper rolls in the white studio that hang on the wall. Please call or email to see what is on the wall. If you need another colour that is not on the wall, you will be provided back drop stands and the colour you requested with a fee.

The paper rolls that are already hanging in a studio are free to use if you are not stepping stepping on the paper.(Half body shots) Should you choose to step on the paper please be advised that there is a $5 fee per foot that we need to cut off after your appointment, per paper roll that you use. If we do not have a colour you have requested in stock, there will be a $25 fee for us to order the colour for you. The $5 per foot charge will still apply.

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