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Welcome to Allure Studios

Who are the people behind Allure Studios?

Allure studios was started by Adam and Nefertiti Bergen in the fall of 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. They wanted to provide a go to location for the photography and videography community in Winnipeg. As they each own their separate businesses, they came together and brought their expertise to Allure.

Owner of Allure Studios, Neffertiti

Hi, I’m Nefertiti Bergen!

I have been a photographer since 2014, and specialized in weddings most of my career. As a professional photographer, I saw the need of having a office that was essentially a home away from home to create a experience for my clients. I wanted a space that I did not have to worry about distractions but could have a one on one and special experience with my clients.

I normally met clients at a local coffee shop or restaurant when doing consultations. Sometimes it was hard to find seating. As Covid hit, it became harder to meet in person so all of my meetings moved online. I knew that this would not always be the case, and that we would one day be able to meet in person again . I wanted to have a little bubble I could control for when in person meetings could resume. This is why I’m so excited for not only the studio spaces, but the consult room that provides a wow factor. I’m super excited to open this business along my husband as he has always been behind the scenes not only cheering me on but helping my ideas come to life!

Hi, I’m Adam Bergen!

I’m the handy man behind the scenes. I’ve always loved working with my hands and enjoyed working on projects with my dad when I was young. Oddly enough my dad was always the man behind the camera in our family. I may not be a photographer, but as a entrepreneur, I do know the value of doing all things with excellence. I am excited to start another business adventure alongside my wife.

Together we look forward to having you at Allure Studios.

Adam- allure studios
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