Freight Elevator

  1. Please request the use of elevator prior to your session and arrive 15 minutes early to unload.
  2. Park in one of the loading zones next to the stairs and call us to notify us of your arrival. Please start to unload all your things on the dock and then park your car on the lot prior to loading in the elevator.
  3. If you forget to call us to request the elevator we can still assist you with the usage. Please kindly wait your turn to be served as our staff may be assisting others.

Please note this is a freight elevator and can only be operated by a staff member. In addition, we cannot have people riding the elevator or taking content in it.

We understand that this may present challenges for some of our clients, and for that, we apologize. It is never our intention to create barriers to access, but unfortunately, this is a decision that has been mandated by city regulations.

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